Proper roofing materials and services can ensure long lasting roof maintenance. A solid and sturdy roof deck should be installed under roof and properly flashed at all wall intersections and roof penetrations meanwhile roofing nails should be long enough to penetrate decking at least ¾ inch.

When to change your roof:

1) Your roof leaks when it’s raining. The usual complaint is when residents find multiple leaking sites and have constant dripping sounds that happen and stop randomly. These symptoms usually come along with sagging and moldy ceilings. They are all signs that the roof needs fixing or replacing.

2) Your roof tiles are cracking and breaking. After a while the cracked tiles will let rainwater leak to your ceiling, these cracked tiles may also clog the roofs gutter and have mosquitos breed there.

3) A small part of your roof is damaged, and you can’t find the same roof tiles anymore. If it’s not possible to find a replacement tile because shops no longer sell the type they have, their only choice is to replace the entire roof with new tiles.

4) Your roof starts to sag. When the roof starts to sag, that’s a clear sign that the structure is getting weak. Not only will they have to replace the roof, but they also need to make sure the framework beneath the roof isn’t damaged as well.

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